Sri Vidya

Worship of Women in Sri Vidya

Vedas and tantras regard the worship of anandatmaka-brahman in the form of women. This cosmos was created by Mahasakti, the mother creatrix who is also known as brahma-mata. The state of womanhood and motherhood are not the same. Worship of Mahasakti and brahman as the mother implies their inherent female attribute (streetvam). The worship of the primordial principles in the form of a woman are enunciated in the Shrutis as – Sachchinmay: Shiva: Sakshattasya Anandmayi Shiva,(सच्चिन्मय: शिव: साक्षात्तस्य आनन्दमयी शिवा | )
It is pertinent to note that Lalita Sahasranama that brims with secret tattvas, interpret the anandamaya-brahman as ‘Sri Matha’‘श्रीमाता’ and completes the sahasranama stotra with the nama Sivashaktyakyarupini – Lalitambika ‘शिवशक्त्यैक्यरूपिणी-ललिताम्बिका’ thereby ascribing the brahman in feminine form. Acknowledging that the universal motherhood is no different from the anandamaya-brahman, our sastras bestow special respectful status on the womanhood. Despite both the parents being responsible for our birth, mother plays a dominant role in the process of creation. We can understand this by proper conception of the fact that, the sristi-sakti of a man manifests from the sristi-sakti of his consort. Many such secrets of creative principles can be understood from Sri-Guru.