Sivasakthi Ashramam

Pujyasri Gurudeva dampathi established the Siva Sakthi Ashramam in June 1955 when they moved to kailasa kona forests from the thick forests of Agastyakoota hills in south of Tamil Nadu. The Ashramam which is managed by its Trust. “SivaSakthi Ashramam” houses the sannidhis Sri Bala Vinayaka and Bala Subramanya Swamy in one peetam, Sri Gayathri, Kaulesar and Mahameru. The Ashramam also houses a Goshala.

Sri Bala Vinayaka and Bala Subramanya Swamy Sannidhi

One day at Konai, after the conclusion of Sri Devi Yaga, when PujyaSri Gurudeva threw up flowers for the benediction of all, a dollar fell on the floor. It had Sri Ganapathy on one side and Sri Subrahmanya on the other side. PujyaSri Gurudeva understood its significance and immediately decided to establish a temple for Shri BalaVinayaka BalaSubrahmanya Swamy. Accordingly the temple was constructed and PujyaSri Gurudeva dampathy did the kumbabhishekam on
June 22, 1969. Pujyasri Gurudeva also blessed all and said “through the temple, our tapas Shakti, will protect all of you and bestow good fortune”. The temple is the source of strength to the Mahathee Mandalam and one and all. Kumbabhishekams were further performed in 1982,1991,2004 and 2016 . The golden jubilee of the temple was celebrated in July 2019 in a grand manner and the Sahasranama for Shri BalaVinayaka BalaSubrahmanya Swamy was also brought out to commemorate the occasion.

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Kowlesa Lingam and Mahameru Sannidhi

In the year 1993, Pujyasri Devi ,the incarnation of Mahasakthi Lalitha, established the Kowlesa lingam inside the Ashramam at the exact place where PujyaSri Gurudeva dampathy performed their Tapas. The sannidhi was reconstructed In 2004, major development work was undertaken, Kowlesa Sannidhi was built afresh. In 2016 the Ashramam and the Kowlesa Sannidhi were demolished and constructed afresh. Being the abode of Pujyasri Devi, the Sri Mahasakthi Lalitha Peetam, a panchaloha Mahameru was installed in the newly constructed Kowleswarar Sannidihi inside the Ashramam during the Kumbabhishekam on July 07,2016

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Sri Gayathri

Pujyasri Gurudeva always emphasised that vedas are common to all . He has stated that Gayatri temples/dhayna mantapas have to be constructed in each capital of the States and also in each district headquarters or in one village of a group of five. If possible, each village should have a Gayatri temple. The temple should be managed by family men and their residence should be near the temple itself.They should teach the basic tenets of the vedic way of life and facilitate performance of all rituals in the life of the members like marriage obsequies etc.following the sanatana dharma
Everyone in the village or town should be made to come to the temple every Friday. The temple should be constructed in such a way that it has a big hall in front of the Deity. In this hall, all should assemble and chant Gayatri mantra and study vedas etc. in a group and worship Devi Gayatri.
Following the above, we have constructed a Sannidhi for Vedamatha Gayathri at Konai in 2004, with a big dhyana mandapam in front. Upanayanams and regular Gayathri homams are performed at the temple.

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Pujyasri Gurudeva has stated that Cows should be protected by all. The happiness and comfort of the nation depends on the protection offered to cows. Vedas and agamas talk about cows in an exalted manner considering the cow to be very sacred and to be reverred as one’s own mother. Further according to the vedas, there are special places of abode of divinities in its body which helps in protecting humans.
मा॒ता रु॒द्राणां॑ दुहि॒ता वसू॑नां॒ स्वसा॑दि॒त्याना॑म॒मृत॑स्य॒ नाभिः॑ ।
प्र नु वो॑चं चिकि॒तुषे॒ जना॑य॒ मा गामना॑गा॒मदि॑तिं वधिष्ट ॥ ऋग्वेद 8.101.15
There are many references like a separate sukta in atharva veda in kanda 4 sukta 21 talking exclusively about the above mentioned aspects of the cow.
आ गावो॑ अग्मन्नु॒त भ॒द्रम॑क्र॒न्त्सीद॑न्तु गो॒ष्ठे र॒णय॑न्त्व॒स्मे । प्र॒जाव॑तीः पुरु॒रूपा॑ इ॒हस्यु॒रिन्द्रा॑य पू॒र्वीरु॒षसो॒ दुहा॑नाः ॥ १॥
Sivasakthi Ashramam also houses a goshala with Two cows and three calfs as part of Gosamrakshanam

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Siva Sakthi Ashramam Gallery

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