Mahathee Mandalam

In Tantras & Agamas, the word “Mandalam” refers to an arbitrary existence that is confined to a physical space for specific purpose like yagas. It also refers to the desa & kaala ( & time) associated during the performance of Yaga invoking devatas. Vedas elucidate ‘Mahathee’ as the devata who embodies the primordial Anandashakti, who is the origin of cid-rupa parabrahman & kevala brahman. This primordial principle having SriTripurasundari as the aadhara is only known as ‘Sri-Lalita’. Hence, Mahathee Mandalam represents the universality, akhanda mandala. 

Guru parampara is an important aspect in SriVidya Shastra and one who is acquainted with the intricacies of Guru and Sri Vidya marga svarupa will be able to appreciate the importance of parampara and sampradaya. PujyaSri Devinatha Gurudeva who was directly initiated into the Sri Vidya marga by Sri Matha herself, received initiation from one such esteemed diva parampara, realized his divya-svarupa and lived an ascetic life in the exalted state of Kameshwara all through his life. Pujyasri Guru Dampathy initiated many other seekers into this upasana and established this unique tradition and the divine ‘MAHATHEE MANDALAM” with the main objective of facilitating all true seekers to do upasana of Mahashakti Lalitha and attain self-realization, the moksha, the ananda, the fruit of this birth through this marga- SriVidya. 

PujyaSri Gurudeva who understood and realized the true meaning and spirit of the Veda marga due to his divine powers has explained to us the true Vedic religion by his various teachings. He has said that this creation or birth is not due to ignorance, but there is a meaning/objective to it. The entire creation has come from Mahashakti, the embodiment of bliss (ananda) and the objective/purpose of this birth is to merge with the energy from which this existence has come into being. The objective of the Veda marga is to ensure that everyone in this life attain realization (bliss) by way of penance. The Tantras, agamas emphasize the same and the purpose of Sri Vidya sastram is also the same. 

PujyaSri Gurudeva dampathy spent their entire life in Tapas and advised that all of us should develop interest in the Vedic path, enhance ourselves by the various samskaras, obtain Brahma gnana through Gayatri upasana and to attain moksha the realization one should get into the Sri Vidya margam through a proper guru and worship Sri Matha to attain the state of Ananda here and in eternity.  The important objectives of the Mandalam are  to 

  • Enable people to follow the Vedas and understand and perform the various rites etc. as said in Vedas and bring out user friendly publications of the various rites, suktas etc. which will enable all to do rituals on their own 
  • Create facilities for all to learn essential and important suktams and rituals which is required for the day to day anushtanams  
  • Maintain the Sri BalaVinayaka Bala SubramanyaSwamy temple at Kailasa Konai (Andhra Pradesh) constructed by Gurudeva for the welfare of the humanity 
  • Publish the monumental work of Gurudeva” Srushti Sahacharam Parameswaram Veda Margam” which explains the true Vedic/ Hindu religion and which contains the essence of all the Vedas, Tantras and Agamas in various languages.