Sri Devinatha Mission owes its origin to Poojya Sri Devinatha Dampathi, the Divine Couple who lead the spiritual way of life as prescribed in the Vedas and conducted penance in the forests of Tamil Nadu (Agasthya Koota HillS) and Andhra Pradesh (Kailasa Kona) in India following the path of our seers, the Maharishis. Their life is the manifestation of the original and unalloyed Vedic wisdom and they remain a guiding light to many people in the world. It is a socio-religious organization formed for the purpose of educating people about the Vedic way of life through Gayathri upasana, learning of the Vedas and meanings and to facilitate people to organize their life as said in the Vedas without any differentiation on basis of caste. color. creed or sex.

The main objectives of the mission are:

  1. To establish and maintain institutions for imparting training to the people in ancient Indian culture and to promote Study of Sanskrit language.
  2. To establish and maintain arogyashram for the treatment of various diseases by medical spiritual and yogic methods. (employing the concept of "Mani, Mantra & Aushadha").
  3. To establish and maintain places of worship in all towns and villages to facilitate gathering of all people irrespective of caste or creed or sex.
  4. To publish authentic text of ancient literature and other publications and periodicals, fostering the spirit of self-help & self-reliance and development amongst the people of our nation.
  5. To Open construct, maintain, run, develop, libraries reading rooms lecture halls auditoriums patasalas schools colleges. Universities and other educational institutions medical and research institutions.
  6. Finally offering one’s body in the same fire after death symbolising that the energy which created us and sustained us throughout the life is the one with which we merge and attain salvation.

Other Activities of the Mission:

  1. The Mission has been conducting Gayathri Homams every month since 1990 and bimonthly from 2009 at Gayathri temple, Arumbakkam, Chennai.
  2. Initiation of Interested Individual into Gayathri Upasana irrespective of Caste, Creed and Sex.
  3. Conducting Free Veda Classes for Interested, Initiated Individuals.
  4. Providing free Uniforms, Note Books, School Bags, and stationeries for School Children of few schools every year besides providing free food a day once in a month as part of the service to the society.


The Mission has constructed Two Gayathri Temples / Dhyana Mandapas at Jai Nagar, Arumbakkam, Near Koyembedu Bus Terminus, Chennai and at Kailasa Konai, Andhra Pradesh (100 Kms from Chennai in the Chennai - Tirupathi route) where Poojya Sri Devinatha Dhampathy were doing their penance.

SRI DEVINATHA MISSION is initiating with upanayanam and Gayathri to those who believe in the Vedas and are interested in the above, but have been denied due to various reasons in order to help them move forward in life and attain realization which is the ultimate goal of human creation in this universe.

All are welcome to participate in the activities of the mission, understand the concepts, to practice the same in their day-to-day life, enrich themselves and serve the humanity.

In the service of Humanity