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उत्तिष्ठत मास्वप्त अग्निमिच्छध्वं भारताः |

uttiṣṭhata māsvapta agnimicchadhvaṃ bhāratāḥ |

“Bharathiyas ! Arise , Awake worship agni”.

The Vedic quote above extols all Bharateeyas to be awake and worship Agni. ”Bha” in Sanskrit denotes light and one who worships fire /Agni is called “bhāratāteeya:”.

Vedas are universal and anyone who does Agni upasana following the Vedic path is a Bharateeya. The very fact that India is called Bharath conveys that all Indians were doing Agni Upasana said in the vedas by following the vedic path.
Vedic path refers to the Brahmacharya initially, which is learning of Vedas and Gayathri Upasana and worship of Agni through oblations twice a day , next stage is the GrihastAsharamam (getting into marital life) and offering oblations to agni by performances of agni hotra , yāgā, etc which are meant for the evolution of ones’ self and finally offering ones body after the death in the agni that was worshipped(Aupasanaagni) thus completing the cycle of life as envisaged( “यावज्जीवं अग्निहोत्रं जुहुयात्” ) The above concept when contemplated confirms the very living of the individual, as a process of yāgā.